Initiatives And Campaigns

Often state and non-state actors are able to disregard civil freedoms, fundamental rights and balance of powers because citizens are unaware and do not react.

Fighting isolation, creating awareness and putting pressure on governing bodies is the first step to overturn the warning trends of civic space in Europe.

Here you can find campaigns and initiavites launched by civic actors across Europe. Take part and/or share support online and offline to raise the stake of authorities’ actions and force them to be held accountable!

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People of Slovenia took to the streets for over 20 consecutive weeks to protest against the right-wing government and its corruption scandals, which have erupted since it took office in March 2020. A group of citizens initiated cyclists’ protests early in March and suddenly, the protest spread across Slovenia. Each ...
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- Press release by Civilisation Coalition, published on 9 February 2021 51,6 billion Euro, 40% of Hungary’s GDP (2019) is at stake. This is the amount Hungary will receive between 2021 and 2027 from the multi-year EU budget and Recovery Fund, and a broad range of stakeholders from civil society must ...
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Following the killing of Samuel Paty and the worrying hatred and stigmatising statements against Muslims and Muslim organisations by certain political forces, civil society organisations and trade unions are collectively stressing that they "can only reinforce deleterious cleavages" in society and "feed the machines of hatred". Statement of 21 October 2020, ...
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