Initiatives And Campaigns

Often state and non-state actors are able to disregard civil freedoms, fundamental rights and balance of powers because citizens are unaware and do not react.

Fighting isolation, creating awareness and putting pressure on governing bodies is the first step to overturn the warning trends of civic space in Europe.

Here you can find campaigns and initiavites launched by civic actors across Europe. Take part and/or share support online and offline to raise the stake of authorities’ actions and force them to be held accountable!

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Article originally published in Italian on Associazione Antigone, 14 Marzo 2020 - accessible here The tragic events of recent days have shaken the Italian prison system to its core. Almost 50 institutions have been caught up in protests which in some cases, fortunately few, have degenerated into violent demonstrations. These ...
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By Polish Women's Strike The demand for legalization of abortion as well as anti-fascist and pro-climate slogans resounded on March 8th in Warsaw, Poland. The street disco event, called #DiscoLegal was organized by Polish Women’s Strike, the coalition of women who ran „black protests” in 2016 against the total ban on ...
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Photo by Neil Scott (Time to Take Back Our Buses petition hand-in at Glasgow City Chambers on 29 January 2020
We interviewed Ellie Harrison, a British artist and activist based in Glasgow. Ellie sparked controversy in the UK after announcing her year-long project The Glasgow Effect, for which she refused to leave Glasgow or use any vehicles except her bike for the whole of 2016. She did so in order ...
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