Initiatives And Campaigns

Often state and non-state actors are able to disregard civil freedoms, fundamental rights and balance of powers because citizens are unaware and do not react.

Fighting isolation, creating awareness and putting pressure on governing bodies is the first step to overturn the warning trends of civic space in Europe.

Here you can find campaigns and initiavites launched by civic actors across Europe. Take part and/or share support online and offline to raise the stake of authorities’ actions and force them to be held accountable!

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(Estonian world) The Kõigi Eesti grassroots movement that was started in March out of concern about the recent developments in the Estonian politics, on Sunday issued a strong statement, influenced by the historical events and quoting a legendary writer, in the face of public threats and intimidation by the far-right Estonian ...
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(European Alternatives) Debates about populism, the crisis of democracy and the backlash against globalisation are all raging. But very few people seem to be asking two essential groups of questions: in what ways is the nation-state changing and in what ways has it been surpassed? And what are the most effective ...
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(Mediterranea - Saving Humans) There is a movement of people that don’t fit in: who think that every human being has the right to be saved and that humanity comes first. And then there is the Orange Vest, the life jacket, a symbol of sea rescue, but also a symbol of ...
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