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Launched in 2014, Activizenship is a magazine edited by the European Civic Forum aiming to explore the potential of forms of civic, social and political activism and to capture current trends and transformations affecting civil society environment in Europe.

Activizenship #5

Civic Space Watch Report 2020​ – Stories From the Lockdown (2020)

Activizenship #4

Civic Space Watch Report 2019​ – Success Stories Of Resistance (2019)

Activizenship #3

Democracy under stress, rebuilding trust, rights for all (2019)

Activizenship #2

Values, Democracy, Citizenship (2016)

Activizenship #1

Solidarity, Commons, From grassroots up (2015)

Policy and advocacy

SLOVENIA: Country Briefing


FRANCE: Country Briefing


Towards an open, transparent, and structured EU civil dialogue


ECF response to the European Commission stakeholders’ consultation on the rule of law in the European Union


Toward an enabling environment for civil society in Europe


A state of Democracy: towards citizen rights protection in the EU


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Civic Space Watch provides a database of alerts, analysis, research, institutional reactions and campaigns to support research and advocacy efforts of the European Civic Forum (ECF) and others. The ECF is one of the research partners of the CIVICUS Monitor, and an active member of Civil Society Europe and feeds into their actions. This section aims at collecting some of the resources featuring the ECF work on civic space. 

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