FRANCE: Demonstrators on file in Lille – justice orders the destruction of files

Extract from article by Lakhdar Belaid, published on La Voix Du Nord on 19/05/2023 – accessible here.

The Administrative Court of Lille considers illegal the file by the Judicial Court of the demonstrators placed in police custody and orders the destruction of this file. 

Several associations, including the Human Rights League, had lodged an appeal with the Lille administrative court concerning an Excel file set up by the courts and made up of the names and dates of birth of demonstrators against the reform of pensioners placed in police custody.

This Friday, the summary judge of the administrative court, appealed in a matter of urgency, orders the prosecutor of the Republic of Lille and the Keeper of the Seals the destruction of this data. “  The urgent applications judge of the Administrative Court of Lille considers that the creation by the Lille public prosecutor’s office, outside of any regulatory framework, of a file listing the surname, first name and date of birth of each demonstrator placed in police custody at the occasion of the demonstrations against the pension reform, as well as the criminal consequences given, seriously and manifestly illegally infringes the right to respect for the privacy of the persons concerned and orders the erasure of the personal data it contains  ” , decides the jurisdiction.