SPAIN: Reports on four cases of police abuses during COVID-19

Update on the Spanish situation via Red Malla

The Spanish government is using the “Gag Law” (approved in 2015) against all those who do not comply with the rules related to the state of health emergency. As you well know, this law was created to limit the right to protest but their use has completely change in order to control de population during the COVID19 crisis. We remind you that the fines related Gag Law are between € 601 and 30,000€.

Since 14th March, more than 3,000 people have been detained and almost 400,000 have been identified by the police and could be fined.

Until this situation ends, we are working around Right to Physical, Mental, and Moral Integrity because we have been monitoring police attacks in the context of the health emergency (almost 40 cases in the last 20 days).