ROMANIA: Police abuses regarding COVID-19 restrictions

Lately, there are more videos on the social networks showing how the Romanian Police abuses during the restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. This is a concern, as this policeman’s behavior should not be tolerated, no matter how difficult the situation is as a result of social isolation.

In any case, gradually, such abuses can lead to the loss of public confidence in the Romanian Police.

A representative example can be seen in the most publicized case, which the Romanian Police say is isolated, however, an internal investigation is started based on these events.

SUMMARY OF THE EVENTS: A serious incident happened in Bucharest on the night of April 7 to 8, when the police assaulted two citizens who appear to have neither the necessary documents to circulate nor allowed to do so, being after 22.00. According to the police release we find out that the two were fined. According to a video that circulates on the Internet we find that at least one of them was repeatedly punched by one of the policemen, before being led to the station. In the face of this record, the police initiated an internal investigation into the police conduct.

Below, there are other cases, so the case we refer to is not a single case, there are several such cases, and if not eradicated the problem may get worse.

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