HUNGARY: Viktor Orbán states “no money should be provided to NGOs from the EU budget”

On 12 July, during an interview on the radio programme Good Morning, Hungary! Viktor Orbán stated:

“Up to now what EU leaders and pro-immigration politicians have been doing is stuffing them full of money: shamelessly taking large amounts of money from the EU budget and giving it to these organisations which are acting against the will of the majority. We want to put an end to this. So in the upcoming period I’d like European institutions to clearly state that NGOs cannot be given money from the EU budget. If we want to fund civil society organisations, that should be a matter solely for each national government and Member State. It’s unacceptable for organisations operating in Hungary, Poland or France to receive funding from somewhere in Brussels: let the French, the Poles and the Hungarians decide whether they want to fund these organisations, and whether these organisations are useful to the French, Polish or Hungarian national interests. But I believe that it is out of the question for foreign powers to finance them opaquely from European Union money. This must be brought to an end. But this will be an issue over which we shall have to battle in the upcoming period.”