HUNGARY: Police fine protesters, photographer for jaywalking

(Budapest Beacon) Police fined a number of high school students and a press worker for walking in the road during the February 23 student protest.

Students and a photographer covering the protest were summoned by Budapest’s 5th district police headquarters for a hearing on an administrative infraction. A mother of a 16-year-old girl who had participated in the demonstration told that after the protest police encircled her daughter and several other protesters and conducted identity checks.

Another adult protester was fined HUF 50,000 (USD 200) for obstructing traffic by walking in the road. According to the police report, officers warned participants numerous times to stop violating the law and took measures when protesters failed to comply. According to the protester, they were not informed until after their identity check that a report would be filed with police for violating Hungary’s traffic code. was also contacted by a reader who was fined HUF 50,000 for violating the traffic code during the February 23 protest.

A photo reporter who documented the protest as a contractor for also underwent an identity check by police during the demonstration. He was fined as well even though officers reportedly assured him that he would not face charges after he told police he was covering the protest for the daily online.

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