GREECE: Founder of Team Humanity is getting arrested now in Lesbos: he is asking for help!

Salam Aldeen, founder of Team Humanity is getting arrested and he is asking for help. 
He is now at Police station in Lesbos, Greece. This time the Greek authorities wants to deport him to Denmark as ‘threat to public policy or national security’.
Last year in May, Lesbos court has acquitted him and 4  other volunteers, that have been investigated and prosecuted for migrant smuggling related crimes, when their goal was to save lives in the Aegean during the peak of refugee crisis. All of them were acquitted, but Hellenic Coastguard despite acquittal retained and kept using his boat. 
Earlier this year, he has been pursuing a case against Greece before the European Court of Human Rights, against the initial misguided prosecution. The case was declared inadmissible by one formation judge, nevertheless he has been experiencing repeated reitatiations against his activities. For example, he was requested to shut down the centre for women and children on excuse of hygiene norms, when hygiene norms in Moria camp are left unquestioned.
He is asking support from media, MEPs, academics, civil society and lawyers: