GREECE: Joint civil society submission on the rule of law situation

Summary for the Civic Space Watch by Yonous Muhammadi, Greek Forum of Refugees in January, 2023.

A joint civil society contribution on the rule of law situation in Greece has been submitted to the Commission as part of the Rule of Law Report 2023.

The submission was prepared by Vouliwatch, GCR, RSA, HIAS, Generation 2.0 and Reporters United, with the aim of covering an array of critical areas of rule of law backsliding in the country, drawing inspiration from successful initiatives from other Member States and the RARE network!

These include:

  • Surveillance and use of Predator spyware against politicians, journalists et al.
  • Unlawful push backs of refugees and migrants, including non-compliance with interim measures indicated by the European Court of Human Rights.
  • Targeting of NGOs and human rights defenders.
  • SLAPPs against journalists.
  • Lack of transparency on state advertising.
  • Use of ‘omnibus’ legislation and last-minute, unrelated amendments in the law-making process.
  • Deficiencies in anti-corruption and asset declaration.
  • Impermissible barriers on the exercise of the legal profession.
  • Concerns on the functioning of monitoring bodies, including the National Transparency Authority and the recently established Fundamental Rights Officer at the Ministry of Migration and Asylum.
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