CSE survey on cross border obstacles for not for profit associations

(Civil Society Europe) As part of our work on Civic Space in the European Union, Civil Society Europe is trying to identify barriers that civil society organisations face when working with other organisations across the European Union, and what solutions could be put in place to address them.

As you may know many civil society organisations had campaigned since the last thirty years for a European Framework that would facilitate such cross-border cooperation. The European Commission had proposed at the beginning of the nineties, a Council regulation for a Statute for a European Association as well as proposals for Foundations, Cooperatives and Mutuals. Up to now only a Statute for Cooperatives has been agreed, while proposals for Associations and Foundations have been withdrawn.

We would like to assess what are the concrete barriers that civil society organisations face and what measures could be put in place to address them

We are therefore collecting concrete examples of legal and non-legal barriers that limit transnational freedom of association, freedom of Assembly, freedom of expression and freedom of movement within the European Union.

You can access the survey here:


Please note that the questionnaire is addressed to civil society organisations and not to individuals.
Please disseminate and respond by 15 April 2018

Originally published on Civil Society Europe