GREECE: Bomb explodes near media headquartes

(Liberties on CIVICUS MonitorOn 17th December 2018, a makeshift explosive device exploded near the headquarters of Greece’s SKAI TV and Kathimerini newspaper. The bomb went off at 2:37 a.m. local time following warning calls to two media companies. The powerful explosion caused extensive damages to the building where the media office was located but it caused no injuries. Greece’s government, which has previously repeatedly criticised the broadcaster for being too critical of the government, strongly condemned the bombing.

In a statement Skai claimed that the authorities did not respond adequately to previous “repeated complaints about threats”  and made accusations that “government officials and propaganda mechanisms have made a target out of our station” by using “inflammatory statements” against the media.

The Greek urban guerrilla group ”Group of People’s Fighters” (O.L.A.) reportedly claimed responsibility for the explosion, accusing the media of ”promoting a capitalist agenda in the country.” The group also claimed that the bomb was placed so as to minimise risk of injury to people.