Support the reform of the European citizens’ initiative (ECI)!

(The ECI campaignWe are at a crucial moment for participatory democracy in Europe. The future of the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) is at stake. On 20 June, MEPs of the Constitutional Affairs Committee (AFCO) will vote on the amendments submitted in response to the Commission’s proposal for revision of the ECI regulation. Over the last 10-15 years, we have been working with many of you on getting the ECI introduced into the EU treaties, and to make it work the best we could within the limits of the original regulation. 2018 is the year of the reform. While we have done a lot of work over the past months to shape the negotiations on the future regulation, we believe that it is necessary to give it one last push before our window of opportunity closes.

It is time to take action! Join the OPEN LETTER to the Members of the European Parliament.

What is the background of this campaign action?
The work of the Commission and the European Parliament on the ECI revision indicates improvements in the accessibility and user-friendliness of the ECI, but so far it crucially fails at making the ECI more politically meaningful (see our analyses of the Commission proposal and the Parliament’s work). The follow-up on successful ECIs is the most important aspect in this respect, and we are strongly convinced that only the European Parliament can make a decisive difference here. With this open letter, we zoom in on one particular demand for reform, which we believe to be the most important one: the European Parliament should oblige itself to have a debate and vote in plenary on every single successful ECI. 
Why do we need your support?
The above-mentioned demand for reform is tabled as an amendment (see amendment 177 by Greens/EFA), but currently there is not yet a majority in the European Parliament to support it. We need your support and that of other civil society partners and ECI organisers in order to raise our voices collectively with the aim of getting a majority within the EP to support this amendment, ensuring a stronger follow-up on successful ECIs.
How can you support this open letter?
We would like to have this open letter co-signed by as many organisations and current and former ECI organisers. In case your organisation or ECI would like to support this campaign action, please provide the following information to
  1. Name of your organisation or ECI
  2. Name of the representative of your organisation or ECI
  3. Email address(es) of contact person(s) for follow-up correspondence
In order to be included among the list of co-signatories, please get back to us with this information by Wednesday, 6 June