SPAIN: Manual Burorresistiendo – self-protection tool for fighting the Gag Laws

Initiatives published by Defender a quien Defiende platform – accessible here

The Burorresistiendo Manual, developed by Legal Sol with the support of the Defender a quien Defiende platform, is a self-protection tool for fighting the Gag Law. Since the beginning of the State of Emergency on March 14 of this year, the state’s security forces have filed more than one million sanction proposals.

Burorrepression creates fear of freely exercising rights, individualizes suffering, and especially affects vulnerable and precarious people. Administrative sanctions are often an example of police disproportionality and arbitrariness. Learning how these procedures work and how to defend ourselves is essential in order to avoid abuses and violations of rights.

For these reasons, this type of material that serves to appeal against unjust sanctions becomes essential. Before and after the state of alarm, we remember that, as our colleagues at Legal Sol say: “The only fine you lose is the one you don’t appeal”.

Download the Manual here or view it below