SPAIN: Four journalists fired and one photographer threatened by the Mossos, among the new cases reported by Censorship Map

Article originally published on – 10 February 2020 – accessible here (translated from Catalan)

Six cases were reported in the Censorship Map, 5 of which are reported below.

A photographer, identified and threatened by Mossos d’Esquadra 

BARCELONA, 28-1-2020. The photojournalist Àngel García is separated by riot agents from the Mossos d’Esquadra when he tries to document the identifications of different young people in the Urquinaona square, after the call for the group “Urquinaona, we will do it again”. In protest of his police attitude, police forces forced him to identify himself despite wearing the official journalist’s armband, searched and threatened with a complaint of “disobedience to authority and threats”.

The court of Palma files the complaint against the comic book ‘Where is the Star?’ and Jupol announces that it is moving the complaint to Barcelona

PALMA, 30-1-2020. The Court of First Instance # 15 of Palma has filed the proceedings against the publisher Comanegra – publisher of the comic book on 1-O Where is the Star?- because he understands that both he and the perpetrator are outside the court. The police union that formalized the complaint, Jupol, has already announced that it will be moved to Barcelona, ​​where the Comanegra headquarters are located. For his part, the author of the comic book, Toni Galmés, who has used freedom of expression to justify his work, has stated in the City Court of Instruction 12 of the city. Galmés was investigating as a result of a complaint filed by the Spanish Confederation of Police (CEP), the Federal Police Union (UFP), the Professional Police Union (SPP) and the Unified Police Union in the Balearic Islands ( SUP).

The Public Prosecutor’s Office joins the police unions in a complaint against ‘It’s Passing’ by TV3

SANT FELIU DE LLOBREGAT, 5-2-2020. The Prosecutor’s Office has denounced Toni Soler, Jair Domínguez and Magí Garcia, comedians of the TV program Estando Passando, for a suspected felony of insults in the State, in the form of grave insults to the security forces and forces. The reason is a gag issued in October 2019 in which they benefited from the action of the Mossos d’Esquadra during the post-sentence demonstrations against independence leaders. In the past, three unions in this body had already complained for that joke in the same program.

Absolt Toni Albà on the judgment of tweets

VILANOVA AND LA GELTRÚ, 6-2-2020. Comedian Toni Albà has announced through his Twitter profile that he has been acquitted of tweets against the National Police, Civil Guard and Judge Carmen Lamela between October 2017 and February 2018. de Vilanova i la Geltrú prosecuted him for an alleged crime of insult but eventually chose to acquit him.

Four layoffs in ‘Diario de Mallorca’

PALMA, 6-2-2020. Four journalists from the editorial board of the Diario de Mallorca , some of whom are highly recognized professionally, have been fired. This continues the avalanche of job destruction in the newspapers of the Prensa Ibérica group, with seven layoffs in Información de Alicante on January 15 and others in Levante and Superdeporte at the end of 2019.