POLAND: Warsaw District Court convicts abortion rights activist Justyna Wydrzyńska 

Extract from article by Front Line Defenders, published on 16/03/2023 – accessible here .

On 16 March 2023 Justyna Wydrzyńska found guilty of aiding an abortion, sentenced to 8 months of community service.

On 14 March 2023, at its sixth and final hearing Warsaw Praga Południe District Court convicted woman human rights defender Justyna Wydrzyńska of “aiding to perform abortion” and sentenced her to eight months of community service for 30 hours a month.

In 22 November 2021, she was charged with aiding an abortion under article 152.2 of the Polish Penal Code and “possession of unauthorised drugs with the aim of introducing them to the market” under Article 124 of the Pharmaceutical Law. In 2020, Justyna Wydrzyńska provided abortion pills to a woman who was carrying an unwanted pregnancy. When the woman’s partner found out, he reported Justyna Wydrzyńska to the police.

The supporters of the woman human rights defender gathered in front of the courthouse carrying banners with the slogan “I am Justyna” before the hearing. Anti-abortion groups were also present, accompanied by a truck carrying a billboard with a photo showing a dead fetus and the slogan “Abortion pills kill”.