POLAND: Report of legal charges against protesters

UPDATE – 23 April 2019: „ObyPomoc” report updated to 28 February 2019: Read the full report

643 – The number of people who have at least once come in contact with the law enforcement or the justice system because they had taken part in peaceful protests


Petty Offences Code: 

617 interrogations

Penal Code 

– 79 investigations (interrogations at the police station or prosecutor’s office), including 61 persons interrogated as witnesses

– 1 acquittal of proceedings by the prosecutor’s office

Hunting Law

– 1 person was interrogated as a suspect reg. committing an offense

Press Law 

– 1 person was interrogated as a suspect reg. committing an offense

– 7 indictments

Act on the Protection of Animal Health and Combating Infectious Diseases of Animals

– 1 interrogation at the police station


(21 March 2018) Obywatelerp produced a report of the legal regulations on the basis of which charges are formulated against the protesters in Poland between 11 April 2017 and 31 January 2018.

<<This report was drawn up on the basis of information gathered from persons who turned for help to the legal assistance group operating within the Free Citizens of the Republic of Poland (Wolni Obywatele RP) Foundation. It includes only documented cases, among them: interrogations at police stations and at the prosecutors’ offices as suspects or witnesses, imperative orders based on claims for punishment prepared by the police and proceedings conducted based on the regulations of the Penal Code.>>

Read it here

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