POLAND: Petition Against Homophobia and for the rights of LGBTI+ People Violated by Hate Campaigns and Lawless Areas in Poland

                                          Unofficial translation of petition of which LDH is a signatory, authored by LGBTI + Solidarity  Campaign Poland, available here, published on 06                                                  April 2021.


In Poland, the ultra-conservative PiS (Law and Justice) party targets LGBTI + people through hate campaigns.

They aim to instrumentalise the issue of LGBTI + rights to galvanise its conservative or radical electorate, with disastrous consequences for the Polish LGBTI + community in terms of security, rights, societal status and overall quality of life.

These speeches fuel violence among many homophobes, ranging from the destruction of a rainbow flag in Warsaw, to the attack on the Pride Marches in provincial towns.

Encouraged by the government, the PiS and the Catholic Church, MORE THAN 100 CITIES CLAIM TO BE “LGBT-FREE” ZONES . In response, the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT ADOPTED A RESOLUTION ON THURSDAY 11 MARCH PROCLAIMING THE EUROPEAN UNION A “ZONE OF FREEDOM” FOR LGBTI + PEOPLE . On the same day, the PiS announced the preparation of a law which would in the future prohibit adoption by Polish LGBT singles.

We, European citizens, considering that this situation constitutes a violation of the values ​​of the European Union, ask:

  • Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic,
  • Jean-Yves le Drian, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs,
  • Clément Beaune, Secretary of State for European Affairs,
  • to MEPs,
  • Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission,
  • Terry Reintke and Marc Angel, Co-Chairs of the LGBT Intergroup of the European Parliament, to make a concrete commitment so that beyond a symbolic declaration, the European Union really becomes a “zone of freedom” for all LGBTI + people, whatever the States and powers.

We, European citizens, call for a first step of mobilization for May 17, World Day against LGBTIphobias, and beyond:

– by signing this petition as associations, European citizens, by broadcasting to alert public opinion and the media to the dramatic situation of LGBTI + people in Poland;

– by taking any initiative for May 17 (condemnation emails, gatherings, etc.) in the direction of:

  • the Polish Embassy: paris.amb.info@msz.gov.pl
  • of the general consulate of Lyon lyon.kg.sekretariat@msz.gov.pl
  • honorary consulates of
    • Montpellier: consulatpolognemtp@gmail.com
    • Nancy: consulat.nancy@numericable.fr
    • Nice: forkasiewicz@gmail.com
    • Rennes: conspolren@gmail.com
    • Troyes: konsulatrp.troyes@orange.fr
    • Tours: konsulatrp.tours@yahoo.fr

-by asking the towns twinned with Polish towns to send their partners a message to stop this policy of hatred and respect for LGBT + citizens;

-by communicating the organization of your initiatives to our site SOLIDARITEPOLOGNELGBTI.ORG .