POLAND: Law on Assemblies changed by the Law Amending Law od Assemblies of 13 December 2016

(CITIZENSOBERVATORY) The Sejm enacted an amendment to the Assemblies Act. If it enters into force it will significantly restrict individuals’ ability to hold counter-demonstrations and spontaneous demonstrations.

The law introduces the concept of “cyclical assemblies”, or the assemblies that are organised by the same organiser at the same place or on the same route at least four times a year or those that were organised at least once a year in the period of last three years.  A province governor will decide whether an assembly is considered “cyclical”.

According to the law, if a province governor issues permission for the holding of a cyclical assembly at the time and place of another assembly, then a municipal authority will be obliged to prohibit the “non-cyclical” assembly.

The bill also provides that no public gatherings may be organised at the time and place of assemblies by public authorities or those organised as part of the activity of churches and other religious associations.

Download a single text that incorporates amendments adopted on 13 December, 2016. Amendments and additions are marked in red.


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Feature image © Agencja Gazeta/Jakub Porzycki / Reuters