POLAND: Klementyna Sukhanov detained for one day following protests

Extract from article by Polish News, 29 January 2021, accessible here

[…] A representative of the National Women’s Strike was detained during Thursday’s protest against the tightening of abortion law. “Klementyna Suchanow and other persons who entered the” TK “area, detained,” OSK wrote on Twitter. As representatives of the organization later reported, Suchanow was taken to the police station in Mińsk Mazowiecki, from where on Friday, along with two other detainees, she was taken to the seat of the Warsaw-Śródmieście District Prosecutor’s Office in Krucza. – Around 20/11 in social media, the National Women’s Strike announced that these people were released – TVN24 reporter Jan Piotrowski reported. In total, Sukhanov spent a day in custody.

In the evening on Twitter, Sukhanov wrote: “free and ready”. She also attached photos with an excerpt from the prosecution’s letter regarding the charges against her. They show that she was accused of violating the bodily integrity of a policeman, breaching the premises of the Constitutional Tribunal and destroying the double-door entrance to its seat. The damage was estimated at two thousand zlotys. […] She will have to report to the police station at Wilcza Street once a week. In addition, she was forbidden to stay in the building of the Constitutional Tribunal and in the area within 100 meters from the adjacent area.