Orange Vest Movement: international solidarity with Mediterranea and all sea rescuers

(Mediterranea – Saving Humans) There is a movement of people that don’t fit in: who think that every human being has the right to be saved and that humanity comes first.

And then there is the Orange Vest, the life jacket, a symbol of sea rescue, but also a symbol of life.

By wearing it you take on the dreams and hopes of those who have crossed the sea, and also of those who haven’t made it because no one was there to help them.

And so the Orange Vest Movement was born. A movement that saves people, born of an international community that can’t remain indifferent to the thousands of deaths in the Central Mediterranean.

Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Rome, Milan, Brussels and Palermo: thousands of people have already joined this movement to stand against the campaign of criminalization of those who save lives at sea and to give their support to Mediterranea.

Anyone can help and we need every single person: we need you, to make sure everyone wears the Orange Vest and no one is left to die unjustly. What can you do?

Take a picture using this Facebook filter: 

Post it using #OrangeVest #FreeMareJonio #ApriteiPorti @OrangeVestMovement @MediterraneaRescue and invite all your friends to do the same.

Keep us sailing.

It’s time to become human again: let’s wear the #OrangeVest.


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