OpenDemocracy: DemocracyWatch – Pandemic power grabs all over the world

Article originally published on OpenDemocracy, 8 April 2020 – accessible here

The coronavirus pandemic is not just changing how we live and work – it is also changing who has power and how they can use it.

Research from openDemocracy this week shows that more than 2 billion people live in countries whose parliaments have been suspended or restricted following the outbreak of coronavirus.

Serbia, Turkey, Romania, Mongolia, Thailand, the Philippines, Zimbabwe and Morocco are just some of the countries that have detained journalists or enacted measures that could stifle reporting.

The crisis has led to unprecedented use of surveillance across the world, police violence disproportionately targeted at minorities in many places, and an outpouring of disinformation and propaganda.

openDemocracy and Source Material are tracking how the coronavirus crisis is affecting democracy across the world. Working with partners including Privacy International, the Institute for Strategic Dialogue and COVID19 Emergency Watch, we’re tracking the pandemic’s impact on civil rights and the environment.

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