ITALY: raid to remove the banner against the government

(Translated from Osservatorio Repressione) The police intervened with charges to remove a banner against the Lega-M5S and Pd government during the city festival “Effetto Venezia”, in Livorno, Italy.

On the banner was written: “Pd and Lega-5Stelle effect, 11 attacks in 50 days: your racism is emergency. The real change: housing, work and income for all. Lega is illegal”.

At about 1.30 a.m. the police tried to remove the banner by assaulting the people who tried to oppose it, all in front of hundreds of people still on the Leghorn canals.

Tensions had already started in the afternoon. The line of the new Questore di Livorno, Lorenzo Suraci, clearly shows how the policy of the new government is applied in the cities.

Featured image via Osservatorio Repressione