IRELAND: Coalition for Civil Society Freedom statement on the Electoral Act

(ICCL) We are a coalition of civil society organisations working to influence public policy for the benefit of people living in Ireland. Here is our statement on the Electoral Act.

Restrictions on civil society

Our coalition is deeply worried about provisions inserted in 2001 into section 22 of the Electoral Act 1997, as amended, which appear to prohibit any person or organisation based in Ireland from accepting sizeable or any international donations to assist them in influencing public policy. In addition, we are concerned by the impact of the onerous tracking and reporting requirements that attach to small domestic donations. According to the wording of Electoral Act, these donation restrictions can apply to civil society advocacy work all of the time, and not just when advocating an election or referendum result.

Democratic values compromised

We believe that section 22 of the Electoral Act violates the Irish Constitution, European law and international human rights law. Our analysis of how the Electoral Act is currently out of step with human rights standards and Ireland’s foreign policy is contained here. We are gravely concerned that Ireland’s democratic values are compromised by the current wording of the Electoral Act.

Coalition for Civil Society Freedom statement on Electoral Act

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