France: Journalists barred from Macron visit for filming opposition protest

(MAPPING MEDIA FREEDOM) 13 November, 2017 – Two journalists working for the show C a vous on France 5 channel were barred from covering a visit by President Macron to Lille for having covered an unauthorised protest by opposition party La France insoumise the previous day, 20 Minutes website reported. As the journalists were proceeding to cover Macron’s visit to Lille, police officers wearing civilian clothes stopped the journalists and told them: “We recognise you, you were at the undeclared protest yesterday… You screamed and disrupted the meeting”. Separated from their colleagues, the journalists still tried to ask Macron a question but were prevented from doing so by police officers. The editor of the programme said the President’s office claimed it had given no order to bar the journalists.

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Featured image via France3