FRA Report: Fundamental Rights Report 2024

Report published by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) on 05/06/2024 – accessible here.

The FRA Fundamental Rights Report 2024 provides a comprehensive overview of the significant challenges and developments in the EU regarding fundamental rights throughout 2023.

The year was marked by severe conflicts, economic hardship, and growing intolerance. Despite efforts to reduce inflation, many families continued to struggle with high living costs, and child poverty remained a pressing concern. Following the escalation of violence in Israel and Palestine, anti-Muslim and antisemitic hate increased, exacerbating intolerance towards migrants and ethnic minorities. Additionally, the year witnessed a tragic increase in migrant deaths at sea, growing restrictions on climate protests and intimidation of journalists undermining freedoms of assembly, association, and expression.

The report highlights the necessity for a multifaceted approach to building inclusive societies, tackling climate change, and addressing digitalisation’s impact on privacy and public life. The FRA provides actionable opinions to foster a more inclusive Europe, stressing the importance of implementing these measures effectively. The report covers all 27 EU Member States and includes insights from Albania, North Macedonia, and Serbia.

Fundamental Rights Report 2024.