Expert Council on NGO Law publishes a Review on NGO Participation in Policy Development

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– Review published by the Expert Council on NGO Law of the Council of Europe, published on  25 February 2021, available here.

The Expert Council on NGO Law of the Council of Europe published a review that examines practices related to participation of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in policy development in the member States of the Council of Europe (CoE). It is conducted against the background of standards and principles set out in the CoE instruments governing and facilitating this participation. The review discusses good practices as well as challenges associated with NGOs participation, with a view of providing an additional guide for the member States to ensure proper application of the CoE standards and principles. Towards that end, the review underscores the need for the member States to take on a holistic approach with regard to NGOs participation, so that they are included at all stages of policy development as appropriate, as well as ensure that consultation is open, inclusive and non-discriminatory.