Defending Civil Society Toolkit: Tips for Engaging in NGO Law Reforms

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(International Center for Non-For-Profit Law  & World Movement for Democracy/ BCSDN) This Toolkit, co-authored by NED’s World Movement for Democracy and ICNL, compiles the experiences of those who have engaged in legal reform initiatives in over dozens countries worldwide and provides tips, tools, and strategies that organizations and activists around the world can consider as they plan their efforts to reform legal frameworks for civil society. Hundreds of civil society representatives in over 40 countries with different political contexts (authoritarian regimes, transitional democracies, consolidating democracies), have shared their knowledge, experiences, and information. The idea behind the Toolkit is that sharing practical experiences and lessons learned helps build the capacity of those who seek to reform the laws governing civil society.

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Source: International Center for Non-For-Profit Law  & World Movement for Democracy/ BCSDN