CSO METER: New tool piloted to address civil society environment in the Eastern Partnership countries

(European Center for Non-for-profit Law) ECNL and its local partners are now piloting our new tool, the CSO Meter to support regular and consistent monitoring of civil society environment in the Eastern Partnership countries. Consisting of a set of standards and indicators, the CSO Meter will help evaluate CSOs’ legal framework as well as the situation in practice in 10 areas, including 1) Freedom of association; 2) Equal treatment; 3) Access to funding; 4) Freedom of peaceful assembly; 5) Right to participation in decision-making; 6) Freedom of expression; 7) Right to privacy; 8) State duty to protect; 9) State support; and 10) State-CSO cooperation.

Look at CSO Meter Briefer (in pdf) for more details on:

  • How was it developed?
  • How can you use it?
  • What is next?

For more information, download the tool itself here: CSO Meter for piloting February 2019 (in pdf).

The CSO Meter was developed by ECNL and  a core group of local experts from:

Transparency International Anti-Corruption Center (Armenia)   |   MG Consulting LLC      (Azerbaijan)   |   Assembly of Pro-Democratic NGOs in collaboration with Legal  Transformation Center (Belarus)   |  Civil Society Institute (Georgia)   |   Promo-Lex Association (Moldova)    |   Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research (Ukraine)