BORDER VIOLENCE MONITORING NETWORK: Balkan Regional Report – July 2023

Report published by the Border Violence Monitoring Network (BVMN) on 15/08/2023 – accessible here.

In July, the Border Violence Monitoring Network (BVMN) shared 2 testimonies of pushbacks impacting 22 people on the move (POM) across the Balkans and Greece. This report brings together first-hand testimonies from a range of countries in the region to look at the way European Union states and other actors are affecting systemic violence towards people crossing borders. It also includes general updates and insights from advocacy actions taken by members of the network.

BVMN is a network of watchdog organisations active in the Balkans and Greece including Rigardu, Are You Syrious, Mobile Info Team, InfoKolpa, Collective Aid, Blindspots, Pushback Alarmphone Austria, I Have Rights and PIC. Combining insights from these different members, this month’s report covers, among other things:

– Squat evictions and increased publicity and visibility of police control in Northern Serbia

– Greek authorities under increasing pressure to facilitate impartial investigations into the Pylos shipwreck

– Amygdaleza PRDC: Protests following the reported dead of a detainee who did not receive adequate medical care

– Heatwave effects on Lesvos and Samos

– Ongoing protests inside the Closed Controlled Access Centre

– ECtHR decision refuses to protect children and vulnerable individuals in detention in Turkey

– Police raids and violence within cities

– Repression after Istanbul Pride March

– The European Commission’s 2023 Rule of Law Report