Amnesty International: Report “Punishing compassion – Solidarity on trial in in Fortress Europe”

Report by Amnesty International, released on 3 March 2020, more infos here

What is the problem?

In recent years, compassion has been turned into a crime across Europe. People who have helped refugees and migrants have been threatened, smeared, intimidated, harassed, and dragged through the courts to face punishment simply for helping others in need.

When authorities punish and criminalize simple acts of humanity, our common dignity is under attack.

How big is the problem?

Across Europe, hundreds of people are being punished just for helping or showing solidarity with those in need. Dozens of prosecutions have been launched against NGOs and individuals in Italy, Greece, France and Switzerland.

Who is affected?

The criminalization of solidarity affects civil society organizations and individuals across Europe, including pensioners, mountain guides, priests, young activists, boat captains and more. It also affects refugees and migrants who dare to help other people on the move.

Read the executive summary in English , find the full report below