ITALY: Blitz of Forza Nuova against the national headquarters of the anti-fascist association, ANPI

(Translated from La Repubblica) A banner with the inscription “Besiege the enemies of Italy” was affixed to the gate of the headquarters and some smoke generators were fired.

Blitz by Forza Nuova against the national headquarters of ANPI in Rome. The militants of the extreme right have affixed on the gate of the seat a banner with the inscription “Besiege the enemies of Italy”, and some fumigants were fired.

Our fight against this regime of Brussels extends to its ‘Deep State’, to those underground structures that have been bullying us for decades and hate Italy and the Italians. This morning we ‘besieged’ the national headquarters of ANPI, a few meters from where Salvini started his rally. The ANPI is the symbol of a decades-old power nested and poisonous, which with one hand spreads pro-immigrant and anti-national ideas, with the other speculates on the shoulders of Italians and poisons them with anti-fascism,” wrote the militants in a note.

This morning’s is just the first blitz in a series of ‘targets’ that represent the nation’s enemies. Massories, repressive forces, subversive magistrates, Nigerian mafia, gender, newspaper editorial offices, the capitalism of robbery and various dynasties will be the next enemies to ‘besiege’” – continues the note -. Forza Nuova Roma is a radical struggle against the system; it is a free voice against repression, it is action and counter-power, it is a fraternal embrace to Paris that rebels“.

The “heroic” fascists of Forza Nuova, have “besieged” the empty seat of the National headquarter of ANPI, posting a fascist and racist, vulgar and ignorant banner in front of the gates“, is the comment of the national president of the association of partisans Carla Nespolo. “The volunteers of the ANPI of Rome promptly intervened, found the big banner. It was already removed and is now in a garbage can. We thank the unknown citizens who have removed the banner — a sign of the great popular consensus enjoyed by anti-fascism and democracy. If they were to be taken out on their own, they would be what they are: jesters. Now and always Resistance!“.