By the NGO Information and Support Centre 

“Trust in the third sector – the activities of non-governmental organizations in Lithuania is constantly growing. Comparing the results of surveys conducted in 2012 and 2018, this year 20% more Lithuanians trust non-governmental organizations (from 32% in 2012 to 52% in 2018). The survey results confirm that these organizations work consistently, stably and transparently implementing their missions, representing the interests of citizens and providing public services. This gives us motivation to continue and to urge the Government to comply with the commitments in implementing the National Progress Strategy “Lithuania 2030″ and other commitments to this sector, such as the creation of a National NGO Fund”

said Martinas Žaltauskas, Head of NGO Information and Support Centre.

The NGO Information and Support Centre – is the main institution in the country representing interests of NGOs and aiming to ensure the balanced cooperation between non-governmental organizations and Government. Centre is working consistently to open up the opportunities for NGOs and communities to provide as many public services as possible in Lithuania. Despite high levels of trust, donations for civic or social initiatives and for non-profit organizations are decreasing. It is worth pointing out that even 62% of the population still does not assign their 2% of paid income tax to non-profit entities and instead of using their right to dedicate money for non-for profits, which they trust, they leave this decision for the Government. This shows us that we still need to advocate for the importance of active civil participation in the country.

NGO Information and Support Centre contracted the independent institution of public opinion and market “Vilmorus” to conduct a representative survey of Lithuanian residents for the purpose of knowing whether Lithuanians trust NGOs or participate in voluntary activities or whether trends in donations and support to non-governmental organizations are changing. All survey results and applied research analysis is published in Centre’s website.

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NGO Information and Support Centre contracted the independent institution of public opinion and market “Vilmorus” to conduct a representative survey of Lithuanian residents.

Respondents: N = 1002, 18 years old and older citizens of Lithuania, from 23 cities and 31 villages. Selection method: multilevel, probabilistic selection. The selection of respondents is designed in such a way that every resident of Lithuania has the same probability of being interviewed.

The main results

Do you trust or do not trust the following Lithuanian institutions: Non-governmental organizations such like Maltesers, Red Cross, Caritas, animal care societies, sports clubs, etc.?

  N %
I don‘t trust/ I totally don‘t trust 87 8,7%
Neither yes nor no 397 39,6%
I trust / I fully trust 518 51,7%
Altogether 1002 100,0%


Do you trust or do not trust the following Lithuanian institutions?

  Trust % Don’t trust %
Firefighters 88,4 1,3
Police 64,8 9,9
Military 65,8 13,6
Church 53,5 17,6
President 52,7 18,1
Non-governmental organizations 51,7 8,7
State Social Insurance Fund 47,8 13,6
Customs 43,2 10,5
Constitutional Court 43,7 11,8
Health insurance 46,3 17,3
Education 37,2 12,9
National Audit Office 32,0 15,1
Mass media 39,9 23,3
Municipalities 33,9 21,0
Banks 37,7 26,3
Prosecutor’s Office 29,5 18,8
Courts 27,4 21,0
Government 21,1 35,5
Parliament 10,5 58,4
Political parties 6,5 66,3


Have you volunteered or are volunteering at the moment?

  N %
  Yes, I’m volunteering (now or in the last 12 months) 114 11,4%
  Yes, I have volunteered (more than before last 12 months) 163 16,3%
  I didn’t volunteer, but I would like to 156 15,6%
  I’m not volunteering and I’m not going to volunteer 497 49,6%
  Difficult to say / did not answer 73 7,3%
  Altogether 1002 100,1%


Have you donated (for example, EUR 1, EUR 2 or more) to any civic – social initiative / non-profit organization during this year?

  N %
  Yes, I donated 539 53,8%
  No, I didn‘t donate 461 46,0%
  Didn‘t answer 2 ,2%
Altogether 1002 100,0%


Did you allocate your 2% of paid income tax to any non-for-profit organization? If yes, which one?

  N %
  Education institution (school, kindergarten) 144 14,4%
  Health institution (hospital, policlinic) 41 4,1%
  Non-governmental organization 163 16,3%
  Other* 47 4,7%
  Didn’t allocate 616 61,5%
  Didn’t answer 4 ,4%
Altogether 1002 101,3%


* Other: local communities (2.1%); church/religious organization (1.3%). Other beneficiaries were mentioned even less frequently.