The resources collected on the Civic Space Watch contribute to the European Civic Forum’s research and advocacy pieces as well as to the ECF actions within the CIVICUS Monitor and Civil Society Europe. This section aims at collecting some of the resources featuring the Civic Space Watch.

By the European Civic Forum:

Activizenship #4: Civic Space Watch Report 2019 • Success Stories Of Resistance (2019)

Civic Space Watch Report 2019 • Success Stories Of Resistance - Summary (2019)

Activizenship #3: democracy under stress, rebuilding trust, rights for all (2019)

Toward an enabling environment for civil society in Europe (2018)

By partner organisations:

People Power under attack (CIVICUS Monitor, 2019)

Right to protest: Comparative study (Novact and Iridia, 2019)

Fit for purpose? The Facilitation Directive and the criminalisation of humanitarian assistance to irregular migrants: 2018 Update (Study for the European Parliament, 2018)

Freedom of assembly in Spain 2017–2018 (Red Malla, 2018)

Civic space in Europe 2017 (Civil Society Europe, 2018)

People Power under Attack (CIVICUS Monitor, 2018)

In English

ANTI-RIGHTS GROUPS: ‘They want to stop us because we do make a difference’ (Source: CIVICUS, 09 September 2019)

Alarm bells ring as EU governments target “political” NGOs (Source: Open Global Rights, 18 Oct. 2018)

Alarm Bells Ring as EU Governments Take Aim at Funding to ‘Political’ NGOs (Source: Diplomatic Courier, 26 Sept. 2018)

NGOs ring alarm bell over government attitudes (Source:, 11 May 2018)

Latvia downgraded in openness of civic space rating (Source: Baltic News Network, 20 April 2018)

In Spanish

Els EUA, el Japó, Mèxic i Alemanya renyen Espanya a l’ONU per la manca de respecte a la llibertat d’expressió i de manifestació (Source: VilaWeb, 22 Jan. 2020)

El dret de protesta arreu del món (Source: Catalunya Radio, 14 Dec. 2019)

Manual del segle XXI per reprimir les protestes al carrer (Source:, 30 November 2019) 

In Italian

Onu: “L’Italia viola i diritti umani dei migranti”(Source: Repubblica, 2 Mar. 2019)

Migranti, l’Onu: “L’Italia viola i diritti umani e obblighi internazionali”. E cita gli attacchi di Salvini a Saviano (Source: Repubblica Online, 1 Mar. 2019)

Diritti umani: Onu, Ue li difenda, segnali sono allarmanti (Source: ANSA, 10 Dic. 2018) 

In German

Zivilgesellschaft in Österreich „eingeengt“ (Source:, 20 Nov. 2018) 

“Eingeengt” statt “offen”: Österreich in Zivilgesellschafts-Rating herabgestuft (Source: Die Presse, 20 Nov. 2018)

Österreich wird in Zivilgesellschaftsrating abgestuft (Source: Der Standard, 19 Nov. 2018)