Initiatives And Campaigns

Often state and non-state actors are able to disregard civil freedoms, fundamental rights and balance of powers because citizens are unaware and do not react.

Fighting isolation, creating awareness and putting pressure on governing bodies is the first step to overturn the warning trends of civic space in Europe.

Here you can find campaigns and initiavites launched by civic actors across Europe. Take part and/or share support online and offline to raise the stake of authorities’ actions and force them to be held accountable!

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Following the killing of Samuel Paty and the worrying hatred and stigmatising statements against Muslims and Muslim organisations by certain political forces, civil society organisations and trade unions are collectively stressing that they "can only reinforce deleterious cleavages" in society and "feed the machines of hatred". Statement of 21 October 2020, ...
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Collective statement originally published in French on Libération, 1 July 2020 - accessible here SIGN THE PETITION to give your support! (at the bottom of the page) Initiative by LDH and signed by several personalities and organisations, against police violence and racism.  The whole world is marching, with or without ...
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Initiatives published by Defender a quien Defiende platform - accessible here The Burorresistiendo Manual, developed by Legal Sol with the support of the Defender a quien Defiende platform, is a self-protection tool for fighting the Gag Law. Since the beginning of the State of Emergency on March 14 of this year, ...
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