Initiatives And Campaigns

Often state and non-state actors are able to disregard civil freedoms, fundamental rights and balance of powers because citizens are unaware and do not react.

Fighting isolation, creating awareness and putting pressure on governing bodies is the first step to overturn the warning trends of civic space in Europe.

Here you can find campaigns and initiavites launched by civic actors across Europe. Take part and/or share support online and offline to raise the stake of authorities’ actions and force them to be held accountable!

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(Translated from Voice of Freedom - No somos delito) SINGING FOR THOSE WHOSE VOICE WAS STOLEN. The Voice Of Freedom: a song performed by a voice that cannot be judged and that fights for freedom of expression in Spain. Freedom of expression in Spain is in danger, being the country with the most imprisoned ...
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(Riace Premio Nobel per la Pace) A man and a community of former Magna Graecia, with the sense of hospitality of the poet Homer, open a path of hope. They give life to a paradigmatic experience of welcome and inclusion, while in the Western world walls are built and ports are closed, ...
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(Network for police monitoring) Ongoing evidence of confrontational and often violent and dangerous conduct by police officers at the shale gas fracking site at Preston New Road in Lancashire has sparked a coordinated effort to encourage campaigners to formally complain about their treatment. With support from Netpol and from Green and Black ...
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