After the criticism for the decision that NGO service providers Caritas and Diakonie would not be continued as providers of legal services to refugees and migrants, right-wing Freedom Party (FPO) have repeatedly attacked these NGOs.

(translated from In the future, asylum seekers will be looked after by the state. Caritas is again accused of “greed for profit”.

The FPÖ follows up on its criticism of Caritas as the Secretary General Christian Hafenecker spoke on Wednesday to Ö1 about the “asylum industry ” and emphasised that with the already announced “Federal Agency for Care and Support Services” (BBU) support for refugees should be standardised.

Caritas President Michael Landau was the victim of an attack by the FPÖ last week: via Facebook, club boss Johann Gudenus had accused this “greed for profit” in connection with refugees.

Allegation of “greed for profit”

Now Hafenecker explained that it was “important” that the “asylum industry” – a term that he consciously used – should observe “certain standards”, because NGOs and private companies are now conducting refugee policy.

It is understandable that certain NGOs, including Caritas, are now naturally a little concerned about the financial repercussions for the asylum industry,” said Hafenecker.

The establishment of the BBU is planned in the government programme and is intended to ensure not-for-profit support and also to offer “independent and objective legal advice”.

In autumn 2018 it was announced that preparations for the new agency were underway. The legal framework will be established this year.

In the Ö1-Mittagsjournal, political expert Peter Filzmaier spoke about a progressive polarisation between the political camps. It is well known that the FPÖ is going on a confrontation course with aid organisations.

“What is new, however, is that the government as an institution is pursuing a confrontational course. Especially remarkable is the Christian Democratic party ÖVP, which now also opposes Christian aid organisations,” says Filzmaier.

One possible explanation for this behaviour is that the governing parties view the opposition as weak and with Caritas they intend to attack one of their main opponents.

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